Finally adding some more information about signs!  Since I am a Gemini and feel like a know a thing or two about it, I figured I’d move on to here.


-The Twins AS/CD

Gemini ♊

  • Symbol: The Twins
  • Polarity: Male
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Element: Air
  • Rules: The Third House
  • Ruled by: Mercury
  • Tarot Correspondence: The Lovers
  • Dates: Approx. May 21st-June 21st

Advice (for Geminians as well as for anyone while the Sun is in Gemini):
Analyze.  Pick things apart and figure out what they mean.
Share.  When you learn something new, pass it on.
Guard your tongue.  Don’t gossip, and be conscientious of what your listener is prepared to hear.

Geminians are first and foremost a quick wit.  Sometimes this wit is light-hearted, other times sharp and cutting, but they are always focused on getting their interpretation of the world out.  Their rulership by Mercury and their air element drives these attitudes.  They want to know, and have all of the qualities of intellect that come with being an air sign, and Mercury not only reinforces this but adds on the desire to share and communicate.  Gemini is, at heart, a communicator.

This devotion to knowing and sharing things often works to Gemini’s advantage, but just as often it can work against it.  Sometimes Mercury’s influences take over and it becomes much more about communicating than about being correct; Geminians just want to get the thought out, to see what others think about it, and sometimes this happens at the expense of recounting what actually happened.  At other times the air takes center stage, and its associations with cutting, biting, swords and weapons, is what really shines through.  Then, other people’s feelings or concerns are thrown by the wayside and all that matters is Truth, a Truth to be communicated regardless of how prepared the listeners are to hear it.

Underpinning all of these attitudes is Gemini’s mutable quality.  This means that Geminians not only hear and digest ideas but rapidly incorporate and integrate them.  Their communication is not a matter of discovery and imposition, not using the ideas to lead onwards like a cardinal sign, or an attempt to discard and throw away contrary ideas as some fixed signs are likely to do.  It is a very serious attempt to live by and understand the information with which they are presented; communicating ideas to others is often just another step in properly understanding and using them.

Gemini is represented by a set of twins, and although this invites a degree of duality they are certainly not driven by reconciling or further separating their two parts.  The twins are not two halves competing to be the Gemini identity.  Sometimes in tarot The Lovers (whose correspondence is Gemini) represent a choice between that which is higher and lower within ourselves, but Gemini is much more a frolicking pair than a competing one.  Of course they strive for the best, but this is not in tension with “baser” desires.

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